Kichler Expands VLO Technology to include 12V Underwater Light

Variable Lumen Output (VLO) is the new standard in landscape lighting design, versatility and installation. Every VLO fixture delivers from two to four lumen outputs that you can change easily on-site with a magnetic key, thus decreasing the risk of failure associated with a mechanical adjustment.

This smart technology of the Lumen Effects System allows contractors to create more customized lighting effects upon the initial install while carrying fewer fixtures. Plus, Kichler’s VLO fixtures can adjust to a landscape’s needs over time. Just size your transformer based on the highest volt-ampere you expect to use, and you’re ready for anything.

VLO 12V fixtures with Lumen Effects System make designing and modifying landscape lighting easier.

  • -Lumen Effects System eliminates the need to mechanically adjust or open the fixture, providing better longevity on the life of the product.
  • -Flexible Lumen Levels allows you to set and adjust the lumen levels as the landscape needs change.
  • -Robotically sealed and fully encapsulated to safeguard from water ingression and the outdoor elements – helping to extend the life of the product.
  • -4,000-volt system surge protection protects against power surges and irregularities, especially when paired with one of Kichler’s transformers.

VLO 12V LED Underwater Accent

Available in 2700K and 3000K the VLO 12V LED Underwater Accent with Lumen Effects System allows you to switch between three lumen outputs: 100, 200 or 400 easily with the use of the Magnetic Key, which can be used to adjust the fixture above or underwater. The VLO 12V LED Underwater Accent comes with a removable and adjustable cowl and mounting bracket and can be paired with Kichler’s underwater accent multi-fixture weighted base for projects that require the fixture to be weighted down. Kichler’s VLO Underwater accent light is perfect for use in ponds, fountains, water gardens, docks, streams, and is safe for use with aquatic wildlife and virtually any water additives.

VLO 12V Accent Lights

Each fixture is conveniently factory set at the most popular lumen level for maximum contractor efficiency. To change, simply hold the included magnetic key over the lumen adjustment locator, and the light will blink four times to tell you it’s ready for programming. Continue to hold the magnet over the adjustment locator, and the light will blink according to its lumen level. One blink for level 1, two for level 2, and three blinks for level 3. In seconds, you’re done.

VLO 12V Flood Lights

Kichler’s VLO 12V LED Flood Light with Lumen Effects System™ delivers incredible light, while opening up new application possibilities. It goes where other low-voltage lighting can’t: it illuminates neighborhood entrances, signage, tree line perimeters or other light commercial jobs. The exclusive Lumen Effects System technology within Kichler’s VLO Flood Lights allows you to easily switch between three lumen outputs for even more versatility.

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